Brunch on the Ranch by Agrazing Life

Have you ever had a meal that was completely farm to table? I can say we have, and it was the most amazing experience of my life!

When we first started the blog I came along this company called Agrazing Life, a company that does farm to table dinners on a ranch. They also include a farm tour and life music in your experience. I learned quickly after finding them through social media that they were going to be hosting their first farm to table brunch. I knew it was something I had to be at so I quickly bought tickets and reserved our seats.

Since buying the tickets we ended up meeting the creator and owner Mike and his fiancé Lacie. They also run The Local Motive, a party bus company we will be working with guiding tours this summer. I was so excited for this brunch and it definitely has been the highlight of our summer. The day of the brunch it ended up being a cooler day so we both dressed warm to be outside. When we pulled up to the ranch they served us bacon from Corner Post Meats (they lease the land for their animals) and that was a delicious start. After we parked we walked into the area and they were serving Loyal coffee, Pikes Peak Beer, tasters of whiskey from Axe and Oak, and sourdough bread from The Sourdough Boulangerie with olive oil and balsamic for dipping. The itinerary as scheduled was show up at 10am, farm tour starting at 10:30am and brunch starting at noon. We mingled and said hi to several people and then made our way to the trailer for the farm tour.

I learned so much on this farm tour and that is a big reason why they put on these events. They want to educate people on how Corner Post Meats works and how they sustain the environment on the ranch. I learned that they move the animals around all day so that they never deplete the grass, but eat it just enough to keep it growing lush and green. Movement is also really good for the meat, getting circulation throughout the animal. When we got to the section with the pigs, there were about 200+ pigs in the pasture. The amazing thing is that it did not smell bad, it just smelt normal. What we learned is that pigs are actually very clean animals, they constantly rototill the land too which helps in the vegetation, and because they are constantly moving these pigs no smell of poop builds up. Farms give pigs such a bad rap but that is because of how they are treating them which makes my heart hurt to know. So many great things I learned about ranching on this tour and the information was so valuable I will never forget it. It made me want to buy meat believe it or not, I wanted to support this type of ranching, I believed in this. The animals were treated so well and live great lives. It put a smile on my face.

Now for our amazing brunch. All of the food we consumed at this event was from local farmers and cooked by a local chef, Jacob Cheathman. I can’t tell you how special that is now a days with the type of food we are offered. To truly have farm fresh food directly to your table is an awesome thing to experience and you can really tell the difference in taste and quality. Our meal started out with a charcuterie spread in the middle of the table. It was spread to be shared with everyone served on parchment paper running down the table. The ultimate sharing experience and it was a fun way to get to know the people you were sitting close to. We all instantly connected like family through the act of sharing. After we devoured the first course they brought out a big plate of egg scramble with wild mushrooms and pulled pork on a bed of hash browns. I about died when I saw this big plate of food. Again we were sharing, spooning the food onto our plate and boy was it so delicious! Chef Jacob really knows what he is doing when it comes to pulled pork. After that they came out with sourdough french toast and rhubarb syrup. This was for sure my favorite. I could have eaten the whole plate! At this point we were all getting extremely full, the band started playing and people began to relax. They had Woodshed Red out to play and they are an awesome local country band. We refilled our drinks and socialized. After some time they brought out the last course, our dessert. They made up for us bourbon custard using Axe and Oak bourbon. It was absolutely delicious and we definitely had more than one serving. After all this eating we continued to converse with all the great people we had met and listen to the fantastic music.

Things started to come to an end and people were slowly leaving. I could have spent the whole day on the ranch but as the rain was rolling in it was time to head home. We were on a high from this experience we and talked about how impactful it was on our whole way home. I can not wait to go again this summer for a farm dinner and experience it all again. If anyone is interested in getting tickets you can visit to get invited to their private dinners!

Our menu for the day
Pikes Peak Brewing Co.
Axe and Oak table
The Kitchen
Charcuterie spread on the tables
Scramble with pulled pork and wild mushrooms
French toast with a rhubarb syrup
The team that made it all happen 🙂

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