Hey all! These past few months have been such a whirlwind. Summer has really picked up for us with our regular jobs. If y’all didn’t know I am a hairstylist by trade and Hector works for a commercial contractor. It’s amazing how starting our food blog really put us into focus with our normal jobs too, and they are flourishing more than ever. It’s so fun to be busy and feel important in different aspects of your life, but it has also been tiring. Learning to balance everything has been a challenge, but we are getting to where it’s getting easier. That being said we are starting to move our blogging more into advertising and marketing for restaurants and travel. Not too much is going to change. We will still be posting our stories of all the amazing places we are trying and shining light on ones you have never heard of. Just means we can start monetizing on this bad boy, which was our goal all along. And if we can help places get more business and be busier that is a great plus. We have so many friends say they follow us and try the places we have been to, and that makes us so happy for people to be taking our recommendations. Our followers have really made this whole thing blossom for us and we couldn’t be thankful enough. We will continue to post great content and always stay authentic to who we are.

For now we are going to post some pictures to update you on some fun things we have done these past few months. Enjoy!

Feast of St. Arnold Beer Fest
Reg Leg Brewery 4th of July party, tacos from MariSol Food Truck
We got a new camera so of course I had to practice on our babies
Sushi and Joint Rolling class with My 420 Tours
Fancy sushi we rolled
Sliders from Bison Brothers Food Truck
Concert at Red Rocks
Our follower Bailee Smith created a custom logo for us!
Driving to Denver for Brunchfest all thanks for Dionne from Rocky Mountain Food Report for hooking us up with tickets!
Rose at Brunchfest. This is how they greeted you when you walked in. So clutch.

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