Pulp Fiction Party

Taking it back to Halloween when we had the pleasure of attending a party our friend Dionne from Rocky Food Report held. Since this party landed around the fun holiday she went with a Pulp Fiction theme for food and drinks. Local Chef Mark from Cerberus Brewery curated a five course meal for us and Alejandro, former bartender for Axe and Oak Distillery did our cocktail pairing. The party itself was held in the beautiful home of Chef Chuck and Jodi, owners of Colorado Springs Culinary Enthusiasts. They run a bed and Breakfast out of their home along with cooking classes for young ones and adult groups as well. They have the most amazing outdoor entertaining area on a large deck that sits up high in the bluffs of Colorado Springs. The views are out of this world from their house. We are hoping to make it back and bring a group for a cooking class to enjoy more of the amazing scenery.

Now on to the outstanding food we got to try at this party. First off we have to give a hand to Chef Mark, his food is truly something else. If you haven’t been over to Cerberus to try his menu it should move to the top of your list. However this five course meal was on a whole other level. The first course was a Verjus Poached Pear Salad, we could have easily had a giant plate of this. The pears were sweet and it was balanced so nicely with the buttermilk blue cheese, definitely one of our favorite salads we have tried. This was paired with an agave apple cocktail that tasted just like apple cider. Now we don’t have a picture of all of the amazing things we ate but next up was fluffy blueberry pancakes. Everyone enjoyed these so much we just had them keep bringing plates out for us. Absolutely delicious. Next up was two different burger sliders. The one pictured is the Big kahuna that had pineapple and caramelized onions served on an Hawaiian sweet roll. Now if you rant drooling yet, our main course was to die for. We were served beautiful flank iron steak with white cheddar tatter tots. To end the evening we enjoyed a Bourbon Salted Caramel Milkshake and a deconstructed blueberry tart.

This meal was absolutely outstanding and we couldn’t be more thankful that we got to be part of such a cool event. The Chefs really went all out for this party and it was much appreciated. Again if you havent been to Cerberus check them out, also stay tuned for the exciting upcoming things that Alejandro will be doing with his passion as well. And if you are looking for a fun thing to do with a group visit Chef Chuck and Jodi at Colorado Springs Culinary Enthusiasts for a cooking class that will blow your mind.

Verjus Poached Pear salad with arugula, buttermilk blue cheese and toasted walnuts in a honey black pepper vinaigrette
Blue Agave Apple Cider
Big Kahuna Burger
Flat Iron steak, white cheddar tatter tots and coriander carrots in a red wine demi glaze
Bourbon salted Carmel adult milkshake
Deconstructed blueberry tart with graham cracker crust, mascarpone, lemon and mint

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