Old Stage Ranch Cabin Getaway

This past weekend we were invited by a friend up to her cabin on Old Stage Road. Old Stage is a historic road in Colorado Springs that starts behind The Broadmoor Hotel and leads all the way to Cripple Creek. It gives beautiful views of Colorado Springs as you drive up the mountainous road. Her cabin is located about 20 minutes up the road right next to The Broadmoor Stables. Having the stables close by, you can enjoy a horseback ride through the forest during your stay. Also in the summer time the pond out front of the cabin has fish for fishing and if you are really adventures you can make the trek all the way into Cripple Creek for some gambling. This secluded getaway is available to book on AirBnB here.

The best part about our weekend getaway was our amazing host Eve and her delicious food. Eve offers a fantastic menu to her guests and she is super talented in the kitchen. Since we are friends she had us over to her house for dinner, however when she cooks for her guests she will either bring the food over or cook in the cabin. She specializes in game meat which is fitting for the cabin atmosphere. There are a few different items on her menu ranging from charcuterie to BBQ dinner, and comparing to our dinner we enjoyed we would say that whatever you choose to order will be absolutely amazing. Breakfast is also an option and her stuffed french toast sounds very tasty. For our meal she started off with a White Bean and Artichoke Bruschetta appetizer. We had never had anything like this before, but it was cheesy and delicious. For our main meal she prepared Game Hen paired with Caramelized Veggies, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and a loaf of freshly made French Bread. We sat around her beautifully set table with her family and enjoyed our meal. The flavors in this meal were so wonderful. The skin on the game hen had a salty crunch, while the creamy smoothness of the mashed potatoes melted in your mouth. And that gravy…I poured it over everything it was so flavorful! As we stuffed ourselves to the brim she ended our meal with a Lemon Mousse Parfait. The freshness of the lemon was a perfect way to end a hearty meal. And at this point we both needed to be rolled out of the house because we were about to pop.

This meal will definitely be one we always remember. Eve really floored us with her wonderful cooking. We are excited to visit again in the summer for another amazing meal and breakfast is definitely on our list. Eve will also be opening a cafe at The Broadmoor Stables this coming year. It will be a nice place to stop and enjoy a meal as you enjoy the drive up the road. They are even planning on hosting weddings too. Big plans for this family in the new year, they are doing some wonderful things.


The Hubs and I
White Bean and Artichoke Bruschetta
Caramelized Veggies
Game Hen
Mashed Potatoes
Beautiful table setting
Lemon Mousse Parfait

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