Happy Sunday everyone! Yesterday we took a poll on which restaurant to review last night and we picked 503w. My long time best friend was in town so we were looking for somewhere that had fun unique food to review with also a fun environment to catch up and have some drinks. 503w is a craft bar right at the beginning of Old Colorado City. You can’t miss it since the name of the spot is literally their address, 503 w. Colorado Ave. They use all fresh and local ingredients which is very popular here in Colorado Springs and definitely something that everyone appreciates when they are choosing to eat out. The place is super cute inside with a great atmosphere. They had string lights wrapped on the ceiling and art work all over the walls. Definitely more of an industrial look, with elegance to it. They were crazy busy when we walked in, I think we were seated at the last available table! We were quickly greeted by our waitress and ordered drinks. I got the Muze, a mango flavored drink with Pisco and Absinth. My friend ordered the Yuzu Beautiful, a passion fruit drink with tequila and my husband got a Modus Hoperandi IPA. All of our drinks were super yummy and a great way to start out the evening. After we looked over the menu we chose to order a few things and all share. We started with Calamari and Gangnam Fried Chicken. Both were great, we are picky when it comes to calamari but we were impressed that the portion was so big and that the pieces were thick and not over cooked. Now the Gangnam Fried Chicken was definitely the hit of the night. It came with this sauce that was sweet like honey and made the chicken taste wonderful. We could have eaten that all night! After that we moved on to our main dishes, the satay and the burger. Both had some spice which I was not expecting but had great flavor and the sweet potato fries are a must if you check this place out. We opted out on dessert this time because we definitely over ordered and were so full after our main dishes, they definitely don’t skimp out on portion size here. Service was also great for how busy they were, our drinks never sat empty and our waitress even boxed up our leftovers for us to take home! All in all we had a great experience with great food.

Food Menu
Food Menu
Happy hour and Cocktails
Beer Menu
Beer Menu
On the right The Muze $9: Pisco, Fresh Mango, Yuzu + Fresh Lemon, Absinthe Drops, Egg White. On the left Yuzu Beautiful $10: Tequila, Passion Fruit, Fresh Lime, Yuzu, Orange Bitters, Saline
Gangnam Fried Chicken $13: Korean 3 spice, Lime agave, panko bread crumbs, bee pollen, grilled lime
Calamari $10: Panko bread crumbs, sea salt, grilled lemon, street thai sauce
Food Truck Satay $12: Lemon pepper chicken, red coconut curry, jasmine rice, black sesame seeds, Korean salad, green onions
Pueblito $12: sambal goat cheese, bacon, fried egg, potato straws, arugula, tomato, onion w/ sweet potato fries

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