UPDATE! We got married!

sneak peeks - 0033So about 2 years ago my now husband and I came up with this amazing idea to start a food review blog… and then that was about it. I created this page wrote our intro and then life just happened. He proposed to me shortly after and the whole next year was spent planning our amazing Disney wedding. However, now that the chaos has subsided we have decided to really take our blog to the next level in the effort of pursuing our dreams! We have both been in a little bit of a life funk lately. Im struggling with just working to pay bills for things I could care less about anymore and we both are having a hard time finding joy, passion and happiness. Trying new things, having new experiences, and food are some of our favorite things, so I think this is just what we need to spice up our life. And why not share it with the world. Everyone always loves knowing where the best places are to eat. I hope you enjoy our journey in trying new places, old ones, and in a round about way finding ourselves again.

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