Piglatin Cocina

Happy Valentines Day! We decided to try a fairly new restaurant called Piglatin Cocina off Union and Dublin. Turned out to be a great choice for the night with awesome food and environment. Piglatin is a food truck in Colorado Springs that has since expanded to a Cocina (kitchen). I had first heard about this place through facebook, decided to check out the page and the menu looked right up our ally. I had a few friends tell me how great the food was as well so it has been at the top of my list to try. Lets talk about the atmosphere, we really enjoyed the industrial look with graffiti walls and concrete counters. The space is on the smaller side which aids in a more intimate experience with lots of energy. Latin music was playing and the place was fairly busy for 9 p.m. The bartender said we came at a great time because they were extremely packed earlier which is always a good sign for a new restaurant. We quickly ordered drinks (I had the Guava Mama, a tequila drink, and my husband had a Victoria) and then we were off exploring the food menu. We decided to try several different things starting off with the Island Taco, Pork Belly Arepa, Elote, and the Piggy Grilled Cheese with Garlic Parm Fries. My husband loved the Elote and being hispanic he can be pretty picky when it comes to this dish. Our favorite was definitely the Island Taco, it is a must if you check out this place. After we had finished round one, we ordered the Yucatan taco, chicharron (that was highly recommended), and another island taco. The chicharron’s were awesome! They are crispy yet melt in your mouth and also loved that they still had a good bit of meat on them. For dessert we settled for the Cuban pastelito which is a pastry with guava and cream cheese in the middle, it was the perfect way to end night. The service was also great which we appreciate any place we go to, it really makes a difference, both waitresses were very nice and engaged in good conversation. Food and drinks came out very fast and we got some great menu recommendations from the bartenders. This place is now on our radar and we can not wait to go back and try more. We will definitely recommend Piglatin Cocina to anyone that is looking for a fun restaurant that puts a great twist on traditional hispanic foods.

The Bar
Guava Mama and Victoria
Food Menu
Drink Menu
Island Taco, pineapple braised pork w/ jalapeño habanero cilantro cream on a crunchy blue tortilla $3 Pork Belly Arepa, crispy corn patty w/ pork belly black bean puree and quest fresco $4
Elote, corn on the cob with a creamy cheese cilantro nacho chili sauce $4
Piggy Grilled Cheese, american/mexican cheese w/ thick bacon, spinach and onions. Garlic parm fries $8
What was left of the chicharron. Husband got down before i could snap a picture. $5
Cuban Pastelito, guava and cream cheese pastry $3.5


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