Dougs Breakfast and Lunch

Who loves good ole home style cooking for breakfast?

These days restaurants are getting so creative with breakfast food but sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics. Dougs is by far one of our favorite breakfast places in Colorado Springs. We discovered this place about 2 years ago and love showing new people this great spot. What we love so much about Dougs is their good quality fresh food and fast service. My eggs are always cooked to perfection (the most perfect over easy eggs I have ever had other than my Dads) and I have brought my Dad here and they definitely won his approval as well.

Dougs Breakfast and Lunch
Breakfast Menu

The menu has so many different options but they also have the simple stuff which is what I love. In fact what I get is called the basic. My husband usually gets the Carne Asada Papas smothered Christmas style as they call it, with red and green chili. This time he decided to try the special, the Fat Pat. This special is a breakfast sandwich named after the owners son since he makes the biscuits himself and they are to die for! You have to try them if you get a chance to try this spot, they are made in house and some of the best biscuits I have ever had. They make their jelly homemade also. Dougs has become a favorite by us and our friends, they even request it when they come into to town to visit. We are always pleased and will continue to be regulars for years to come!

Husband says the best coffee! $2
Fat Pat (the special of the day): Cream cheese, bacon, eggs on a biscuit and smothered in green and red chili
The Basic $6: over easy eggs, buttered browns, bacon and a biscuit with strawberry pepper jelly and pear butter
Lunch Menu

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