Punch Bowl Social

And we’re back!

Sorry it has been a minute since we have put up a review. Our vacation to Vegas was super fun but took some time away and we were so wrapped up with fun T-Mobile events for our best friend we didn’t end up having as much time to food blog like we hoped.

Anyways Punch bowl Social was a great place to get back into the swing of things! This place is located in Denver off of broadway. We really love this area of Denver and this strip has a bunch of fun bars and foodie restaurants. We were not exactly sure what to expect but online the food looked amazing so we were excited. When we walked inside it was very busy, they told us we could get on a wait list for a table or that the bar was open seating. We chose the bar and found a table right away. We were quickly greeted by a waiter, ordered some water and started looking at the menu. I opted out on drinks here because we had just been at a bar called The Canopy across the way that was giving out free drinks during a basketball game.

My husband ordered food super fast, he was very hungry! He decided on the wedge salad, OMFG GF Fried Chicken and a side of fries. I ordered the A La Bama Crispy Chicken Sandwich with crispy fried onions. The crispy fried onions are definitely a must! I could not stop eating them, they were so yummy! The wedge salad was also the best wedge salad we have ever had. It was super fresh, the buttermilk ranch dressing was very creamy and the bacon nice and crisp. I loved it so much I wish I would have ordered one for myself because we were fighting over the last bites. He also loved his fried chicken he couldn’t believe it was actually gluten free. And my sandwich was great as well, lots of flavor and we got really good portions of food for the price. To end our meal we ordered the pecan pie. You can never go wrong with pecan pie, its one of our favorites and never seems to disappoint.

Our service was great, food came out super fast, and the ambiance of this place was really fun. They had bowling lanes, pool tables, foosball tables, pinball, and tons of other games to play on as well. We always love a good spot with drinks and games so we can’t wait to come back up to Denver and visit again! Thank you Punch Bowl Social for a fun evening in Denver with amazing food!

Food Menu
Food Menu
Drink Menu
Drink Menu
Non alcoholic drink menu (our waiter said these are super popular and most people like to add alcohol to these)
Non alcoholic drink menu
Wedge Salad $10: Iceberg Lettuce, tender belly bacon, cherry tomato, chopped egg, blue cheese, buttermilk ranch dressing
House cut fries $5
OMFG GF Southern fried chicken $16: Buttermilk brine, hormone antibiotic free chicken, organic brown rice flour, cholula butter, tomato jalapeño salad, mint vinigrette
A La Bama Chicken Sandwhich w/ crispy fried onions $12: Crispy hormone antibiotic free chicken, white bbq sauce, shredded lettuce, tomato, bread n butter pickles, sesame seed bun
Pecan Pie

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