T-byrds Tacos

Hey everyone! I am so sorry we are behind on our blog posts. This past two months has been a whirlwind with our new foodie life, but we promise to try and stay consistent on our reviews! So first we will back track a few restaurants we have done the past month. First off is… T-byrds Tacos!!

T-byrds is a tacos and tequila bar located in downtown Colorado Springs. The atmosphere  inside is fun and young, they usually have the lights turned down and loud reggae music playing. Its a smaller place with lots of character. They have daily specials ranging from different food and drinks. On the day we went the special was pork belly wontons for $5. Of course we ordered those to start, I also got a strawberry margarita and husband ordered a beer. Queso is always a must at any Mexican restaurant for me so I quickly ordered that as well. This night they were pretty busy inside which is great for them however our service lacked a little. It’s definitely more of a fast paced bar service feel at this place. Once our starters arrived we devoured them as fast as we could. They were super amazing I must say, very juicy inside and the meat was very flavorful. Their queso was also exceptional, the other couple we were with commented on how they really loved the cheese they used. Now it was time to order our tacos, I ordered a fried avocado taco and the carnitas, my husband ordered barbacoa and carnitas as well. We do agree that the tacos are a little on the pricy side at $4 to $5 a taco depending of which you choose and they are on the smaller side. We both really loved our tacos, flavor was great and good quality. For dessert we have the caramel filled churros which I really enjoyed. My husband didn’t want to try but I got him to and he really loved it as well.

All in all we enjoy Tbyrds fun atmosphere, it is a great place to hang out and have a few drinks but the food is pricy for the amount you get. We will definitely visit again, the food is great quality which is a plus I would just say this is a more high end taco/ tequila bar.

Food Menu
Drink Menu
Tbyrds Margarita $7: Strawberry and Mango
Queso Funditio Blanco $6.95
tempImageForSave 3
Pork Belly Wontons $7.95 (we went on the day they are the special and got them for $5: Carnitas and queso fundidto inside a crispy fried wonton
tempImageForSave 4
Barbacoa and carnitas tacos $3.95 each
tempImageForSave 2
Caramel filled Churros $7: served with local honey


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