Skirted Heifer

Did you know that burgers could have cheese skirts? At Skirted Heifer, a local burger joint in downtown Colorado Springs you can make your burger have a full cheese skirt or even an adult mini skirt. Sounds scandalous and that is exactly what this cheesy goodness is. A cheese skirt is where they press the cheese around the burger so that you get a bunch of fried cheese on the outside of your patty. It’s absolutely delicious, I had never had anything like this before and I have to say that its hard to have a burger without one now.

This place was featured on Diner, Drive Ins, and Dives on food network and I can see why. It’s a small place that packs a big punch. They are always packed so expect to wait in line and wait for a seat, its well worth it. The day we went in, the line wasn’t super long which was nice. When we got to the counter the guy working had so much energy, you could really tell he loved his job and that instantly put a smile on our faces. I ordered the classic skirted heifer, a traditional burger with a twist. They use a garlic focaccia bun,  add a cheese skirt, and dress it in heifer sauce. My husband ordered the special, a fancy bacon cheese burger. They offer Boylan’s hand crafted soda and its super tasty so we added some drinks on too. We were surprised at how reasonably priced they were, definitely a bonus. We waited about 8 minutes for our burgers to come out, just enough time for someone to get up so we could snag a table. As soon as we grabbed our food our eyes got so big at how good it all looked. It was so hard to take pictures first and not pull off a piece of my cheese skirt. Once we started in on our food we were just floored. My burger was so tasty and the bun was amazing. I loved the garlic focaccia so much more than a normal bun. My husband devoured his burger like nobodies business and equally enjoyed the change in bun. Their Heifer Sauce is something special too, its ketchup, mayo, mustard and pickle juice. So tasty and really good on their fries too.

As we were finishing up eating one of the owners came out to meet us and it ended up being the guy at the counter. He told us some back story on how the restaurant came to be and he actually is part owner with his parents. They are a unique place with great quality food and you could really tell this guy loves his job and his business. He was such a breath of fresh air and it was nice to see him working instead of behind the scenes. He puts out a great image for the restaurant and I would go back again just to see how happy he was doing his job. They also own another restaurant around the corner called Bambinos Pizzeria, I think we are going to have to give them a visit soon as well!

As for Skirted Heifer, if you are looking for a cheap eats that’s great quality hit them up. We vote best burger in town no doubt!

Classic Skirted Heifer: $6.95
The special: All American Burger $8.25

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