Grinder Sandwich Company/ Deuces Wild Brewery

You can’t go wrong with an ice cold beer on a hot summer day!

We decided to ask our followers on instagram their favorite place to get a beer. One person suggested Deuces Wild Brewery which we had no idea was right down the street from our house. We figured might as well check it out! They are located close to highway 24 on the east side by Peterson Air Force base. When we pulled up we could tell it already looked like a cool place. We were also informed that there is an awesome sandwich shop next door. Good thing we had the munchies and were ready to get down on some good food!

The shop is called Grinder Sandwich Company, they say their sandwiches are so good they had to call them something else, A Grinder. We were definitely impressed by this place. First when we walked in the owner greeted us and he was so great! Super friendly and gave us some great recommendations. I chose the Italian Grinder and husband ordered The Mikey. They both came on bread from The Sourdough Boulangerie, a local bakery in town that has some amazing bread! After we ordered he encouraged us to go order a beer next door and he would bring us our food. We went next door and the brewery was super cool inside. They are also dog friendly which is a plus for us. We love drinking with the puppies. We asked some people who frequent the brewery what their favorite beers were, we decided on the Blood Orange Pale Ale and the Banana Hammock Hefeweizen. These beers were super tasty and really hit the spot on a super hot day. Not too long after we were brought our food and it looked so good! My Italian was tasty and fresh and they make an in-house vinaigrette to drizzle over that I loved. My husband also loved his sandwich as did I. The roast beef was so good and the au jus sauce they make was out of this world! You have to try it when checking this place out. Also the bread from the local bakery really made our Grinders, I would say the best hoagies we have had on a sandwich before.

If you are on the east side this is the perfect hang out with great local food next door. We just love how many restaurants are coming up in Colorado Springs that are sourcing and supporting local. It makes all the difference in the food and its great to see this foodie community have each others back and want to see everyone grow!

Blood Orange (Pale Ale), Banana Hammock (Hefeweizen)


Italian Grinder: $12
The Mikey: $9

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