Roosters House Of Ramen

Who loves ramen noodles? We do! Ramen restaurants have been popping up all over the U.S., you could say it’s quite the craze. However, Colorado Springs was lacking a place of the sort. Thank God for Chef Mark Henry and his genius idea to start serving ramen to show his love not only for food, but for a much bigger picture as well.

We were invited into Roosters House of Ramen by one of our followers Harmony Gallegos and were joined by our fellow friend and food blogger CO Springs Foodies. Harmony even set up for us to sit down and meet with the man himself Chef Mark which was an amazing experience. We were so thankful for this opportunity and we will never forget this day and the conversations we shared over our meal. This really put into perspective again why we started our food blog journey and all of the amazing people it has put us in contact with.

First of all Roosters is a super cool spot! We loved when we walked in that they had local artists work decorating all of the walls, hip hop music playing, and friendly staff. The place really gives off a super cool laid back vibe. We all quickly sat down with Chef Mark and started talking. He is a really amazing guy. One cool thing most people don’t know about him is that he won his episode of Chopped! For him, doing T.V. is not his dream nore why he loves to cook but he said it was a great experience and inspired him to do more. He is a humble man and doesnt boast about his time on the show but I thought it was a cool fact to learn about him. He also told us all about the restaurant, his career and more. It was so awesome to hear someone open up to us about their life, dreams, and goals as he did. His goal with Roosters is to not only create outstanding food but to also help the people who work around him. We learned that they really all work as a team, they have his back just as much as he has theirs and you can’t say that about a lot of places. You could tell he really cares for the people that work there and his passion for his business. He also wants to create something people will remember and evoke an emotion with his food. I could honestly go on and on about this man and how much he impacted the both of us that day but I think you will just have to visit the restaurant and see for yourself.

Now to our food! We started out of with the Pork Belly Bao buns and they were to die for! Oh my, these were so good you definitely have to try them when you go. Harmony ordered the Fried Rice and also their Cauliflower. I got a taste of both and they were super yummy. Lots of flavor and great appetizers. For ramen my husband ordered the spicy pork shoulder. He is big into ramen and he ate every bite! I ordered the miso soup and added noodles and that was really good. They put big pieces of tofu on top which I loved. My broth was really tasty and the noodles were so great. So awesome to have fresh ramen, it’s so much different that what you ate when you were a little kid. They are constantly changing up the menu too which is really cool. Seems like there is always something new to try. The beginning of June they did a new menu change so we are excited to go back in and try some new things.

I can’t say enough about how impactful this place and Chef Mark was to us. This isn’t just a restaurant to these guys it’s about love and community and you can feel it in their food. I encourage all of you to visit them, try some great food, have some spectacular drinks and feel the love of ramen.

Artwork decorating their walls
Pork Belly Bao Buns
Fried Rice
Spicy Pork Shoulder Ramen
Miso Ramen


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