Odyssey Gastropub

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

This was such a fun morning for us! We decided to go downtown Colorado Springs to see the St. Patrick’s Day parade because we both had never seen it before and we figured what better time to try Odyssey Gastropub’s brunch then during that! They are located right in the heart of downtown off of Tejon street which is where the parade marches down every year. I anticipated them to be super packed since people were already lining up for the parade but they still had a table left for us to sit at. The atmosphere is pub like with a big long bar and quirky decorations. One really cool piece of decor we noticed was  the upside-down lamps hanging from the ceiling. After checking out the inside we were ready to order as we were so hungry and ready for drinks.

To start off I ordered bottomless mimosa, I love this option because I could drink mimosas all day. My husband ordered a Flaming Bloody Mary infused with tequila. They both came fast and might I add our waitress was awesome. She was super sweet and we had good conversation with her the whole time. For food I ordered the breakfast burrito and wow, definitely my favorite breakfast burrito I have had a sit restaurant like this before. They give you the option to smother it with their chorizo cheddar gravy and it is to die for. Seriously its a must try if you get to this place for brunch. My husband ordered the BBQ Beni, a twist on eggs benedict and he couldn’t stop saying good things about it as he was eating. It had what looked like pulled pork on an english muffin with eggs and a charred tomato hollandaise. We also brought our friend along to indulge in some yummy breakfast, he ordered the breakfast “sandwich”ish that was a traditional sandwich on naan bread. He loved it and really enjoyed the different bread they chose to use.

Our experience was top-notch I must say, we had great service and our food was outstanding. Probably one of the best brunch experiences we have ever had thus far. Definitely check out Odyssey Gastropub for brunch! We look forward to reviewing them for lunch and dinner sometime soon as well.



My sweet husband and his Flaming Bloody Mary
Bottomless Mimosa $13 and Flaming Bloody Mary w/ Tequila $9
Breakfast Burrito $10: Bacon, onion, bell pepper, jalapeño, potato, cheddar, smothered in chorizo cheddar gravy w/ a side of green chili
Breakfast “sandwich”ish $8.5: Bacon, eggs, tomato, avocado, arugula, on naan w/ guailljo aioli and potato hash
Breakfast BBQ Beni $9: 2 english muffins/ eggs, pulled pork, green onion, charred tomato hollandaise and potato hash
Devouring my amazing breakfast burrito

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