Shugas!!!!! Oh my gosh this place is amazing! We had the best lunch experience here and our food was outstanding!

We planned the night before to check this place out for lunch so we woke up hungry and excited. We arrived around 12:30pm and wow, they super busy. When we walked into the cute small building there were no open tables, but we were quickly greeted and asked to stand in the back hallway and told that some tables would be opening shortly which we had no problem with. As we got into the back area we saw they had some pictures up with some history on the place which was fun to read before we sat down. The building back in the day used to be a corner store where people would hang out and its fun that along the years it has become many different businesses but is back to a cool food and hang out spot. Shortly after a big round table became available. We felt bad about taking up the big table for just the two of us so the next couple that walked in we offered that they could share with us. They were this sweet elderly couple and really added to our whole experience. It was fun to talk with them and they gave us some great recommendations of food to try.

As we started to look at the menu we glanced around at the walls and saw lots of cool abstract art and the bar was decorated with origami cranes hanging from the ceiling. This place has a very quirky cafe feel to it. We quickly glanced the menu as we were starving and ordered drinks. I ordered Maggie’s Hot Toddy and my husband ordered the Irish Monk. Took a minute for our drinks to come but totally understandable since they were packed to the brim! My husband looked his coffee and I really enjoyed my hot toddy with the lemon ginger tea. They make it homemade and I hear you can even get a growler of it.

Next we ordered food! Everyone had been telling us how amazing their spicy shrimp soup was so that was a must. We also kept seeing people with the bruschetta so we decided to do the two bruschetta and cup of soup combo. I chose the brie and apple bruschetta, and a bacon tomato one. For the cup of soup we substituted mac and cheese just so we could have a variety of things to try. We also waiting a little for our food, but once it came boy was it good. The shrimp soup is out of this world. It is creamy from the coconut milk with just enough spice to open you up. This was perfect for us since we were feeling a little under the weather from fighting off a cold that week prior. The bruschetta was also great, bread was fresh and the flavors really went well together. Our mac and cheese was just average I would say, I probably would have preferred to get soup as well with the combo but I am happy we tried it. After we were finished we knew we had the try the Almond Butter Cake. WOW! That’s all I can say. My husband was so happy we ordered it he wanted to buy a whole cake. This cake was thick, dense, gooey, and had a soft buttery almond flavor. The caramel on the plate and the fresh whip on top really complimented the flavors and gave it that extra taste. It was such a great way to end our lunch, I think we talked about this meal the rest of the day.

We highly recommend Shugas to anyone looking for a cute lunch spot with great food. They are also a bar at night and open till 12am. We look forward to going back in the evening to experience that vibe and yummy drinks!

Handsome husband in front of the sign out front
Some pretty cool history on the building
more cool history
Drink Menu
Food Menu
More drinks
The Bar
Maggie’s Hot Toddy $10: Grand marnier, lemon ginger tea, honey. Irish Monk $10: Bailey’s, frangelico, coffee, whip.
2 bruschetta & cup of soup combo $11. Bruschetta 1: apple and brie. Bruschetta 2: bacon, tomato, goat cheese, micro greens. For my cup of soup I substituted mac and cheese w/ jalapeño, bacon, and gouda.
Spicy Brazilian Shrimp Soup w/ “twist” added $11: Shrimp, coconut milk, ginger, jalapeño, peanut, cilantro, lime. The ‘twist” is spicy chipotle chicken, roasted red peppers, and sautéed mushrooms.
Almond Butter Cake $5

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