I COOL Thai Ice Cream

New favorite ice cream spot in the Springs!!!!

I have been dying to try rolled ice cream ever since it started blowing up over social media, so when my friend told me there was a place in town that recently opened I was over the moon!

We tried this spot in the evening before we went to go see a movie. Their hours are from 12-9:30, we got there around 8:30 and they were packed! It was a super long line to get ice cream but we didn’t care we were so excited to try this new experience. The Menu is pretty simple, they have combinations listed that are popular but you really have the freedom to do whatever you want. The ice cream starts out as a cream base and you can put whatever mix-ins you like to create your ice cream flavor. I chose to try Oreo and my husband mixed strawberry, graham cracker, and banana in his. After they have mixed it all in and its frozen they roll it up into ice cream rolls and then you can put unlimited toppings on after. How this place works is you pay one set price for everything, you always get the same amount of ice cream and unlimited toppings. All of their ingredients seem very fresh and they have plenty of toppings to be creative at the end.

This will totally be our summer ice cream spot, I am already ready to go back and try more!


Me and the hubs đŸ™‚
Oreo ice cream w/ mango, kiwi, oreo, and strawberry pocky $6.95
Strawberry banana ice cream w./ kiwi, mango, strawberry pocky, and strawberry drizzle

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