Living Local

Yah!!!!!!! Today has been the absolute best day! We got to go on our local news in Colorado Springs to talk about our food blog. I couldn’t be more ecstatic that we are getting noticed and that we got to share with our local community what we are all about!

We were featured on Fox21 Living Local news in their segment called Living Local. The show is all about showcasing local business’s and brands and giving more exposer to things happening in our city. It was definitely a little nerve racking talking in front of the cameras but more than anything we were so thankful to have this opportunity to showcase and talk about what we are doing here in the Springs. Click the link below to see our debut!

Fox21 Living Local

Happy faces after we finished filming!
Our amazing shirts my sister made us!
Rocky Mountain Brewery after for some celebratory beers with the puppies!
Video on the Living Local website


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