Mona Lisa Fondue

Ok guys! I just have to start this off by saying we just had one of the best dinner experiences we have ever had! I feel like I’m on a high from how much fun we had. Mona Lisa Fondue in Manitou Springs is definitely where it’s at for your special occasion dinners such as birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations.

We met the owner Jeff when we were on Living Local for fox21 and he invited us in to have dinner this week. He is a great guy and you can really tell he has so much passion for his business and creating a romantic intimate setting for his guests.

When we showed up for our reservation he greeted us and asked if we wanted a tour! Of course we said yes and he showed us around the restaurant. This place really has true character. There are several small rooms inside with 3 to 5 tables in each to create a more intimate experience. It is decorated with lights and eccentric art work that also aids in the romance. What we thought was super cool is that they have a wine cellar downstairs that is first come first serve and they offer happy hour with discounted deals and live music! We were seated upstairs, our room had 3 tables in it and a door that lead to an outside patio. They had to door open to it tonight which was super nice since it was gorgeous weather out.

Our sever greeted us pretty fast, explained the menu and gave us a few minutes to decide. We chose to do the wine pairing, we had never done one before but figured it was the perfect setting to try it and that was a great decision. We were very pleased with all of our wines. We also decided to do the four course dinner that includes salad, cheese fondue, main meat course, and chocolate fondue. We both got caesar salad, for cheese we ordered the old world, main course we decided on seafood, and for chocolate we did the flaming turtle with frangelico. I can honestly say all of our food was amazing! The quality was great, especially the seafood tasted amazing. We really had so much fun cooking our food as well. Our wine pairings were on point, husband doesn’t even drink wine and he loved it!

Our server was absolutely amazing as well. He was informative but not over baring and made sure we always had what we needed. We also noticed how they space the courses out very well and how they time all of their reservations so even if they are busy you don’t feel like you are in a crowded busy environment. All of these little details is what makes a 5 star restaurant what they are. They think of it all to make you have the best dining experience and nights like this is the whole reason we started blogging in the first place. I hope you all check this place out for your next special occasion, you will not be disappointed and nothing is more romantic than cheese and chocolate fondue!



Fondue Date Night!
Wine menu
Sign bottle from special occasions
First Course: Caesar Salad
Husband and our first wine pairing! He loved it! Chateau De Fontenille
Dippers for the cheese fondue
Second Course: Old World cheese fondue
Second glad of wine: Harken Chardonnay
More cheese….
Main course sides
Main course: seafood
Our grill
Seafood grilling! Scallops, salmon, ahi tuna, lobster tail, shrimp, and veggies
Mozzarella cheese pull
Dessert dippers
Flaming Turtle chocolate fondue with Frangelico


    1. We are going to start incorporating more gluten free options into our blog very soon! Most restaurants we have visited do have gluten free foods but we are going to start focusing on it more. 😊


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