Who loves a good wine bar?

I do!

Sopra is a newer wine bar to the Old Colorado City area. The owner of Paravicinis, Chef Franco created this bar on the roof top of his already well-known Italian restaurant. Paravicinis is the downstairs with a full fine dining Italian menu and upstairs is Sopra, an antipasto wine bar. We decided to meet here for the first time with another food blogger named Kayla Blackburn. She runs CO Springs Foodies here in Colorado Springs. We were very excited for this evening, it’s always fun meeting other foodie people and getting to connect. Kayla got there a little before us and grabbed a stellar spot on their outside patio. It was a gorgeous evening and we had the perfect view of the mountains. We said our hellos and quickly ordered from the drink menu. My husband and I both order the paloma, we love tequila and this is our go to drink. First thing I have to say is this was the best paloma I have ever had. No lie, it was amazing. I’m already looking for an excuse to go back and drink of their roof top again!

Kayla being the smarty she is had reached out to the Chef on instagram and let him know we were going to be coming in. He gave her some great recommendations on dishes to try so we figured we would just order those. First thing we ordered was the Braised beef Bruschetta. It came out on a long dish and looked like the most insane cheesy bread with beef on it we have ever seen. This dish is perfect for sharing with a group and there is plenty to go around. It was also super delicious the boys were fighting over the last piece. The meat was tender and juicy and the bread was soft with just the right amount of crunch. Next thing we ordered was the burrata and pancetta. If you don’t know what burrata is it is a mozzarella cheese ball filled with ricotta and cream inside. It is cheesy and delicious. This was also served with 2 pieces of bacon. This is also a sharable plate. Before dessert we ordered one more dish that he recommended, a lobster pasta. Now I was expecting lobster tail in the pasta, but it was the claws which I’m not a huge fan of. The pasta itself was very fresh tasting though and the sauce had excellent flavor. Husband loved it and gladly ate my portion of lobster. Now for dessert time! My favorite time. We chose to order 3 and share. Our decisions were Tiramisu, Lemon berry marscapone cake, and a ricotta cheesecake. They all came out so beautifully plated it was hard to take pictures before we all wanted to dig in. The Lemon Berry was definitely my favorite but they all were insanely good. Just scroll down for some amazing pictures that will have you drooling.

I can say we were very impressed with Sopra, our service was on point, their outdoor rooftop patio is gorgeous with amazing views, and the food was exceptional. This is definitely a high-class wine bar, a great place to meet friends or have a date night.

Food Menu
Extensive wine list
Paloma: $12
Kayla from CO Springs Foodies
Braised Beef Bruschetta: $12
Another shot of this amazing dish
Burrata and Bacon: $12
Lobster Pasta : $18
Lemon Berry Marscapone Cake: $6
Tiramisu: $6
Ricotta Cheesecake: $6

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